The uniform edition:

Although Natural Man was first published in the form of a rectangular book, all subsequent books were published in a square format that optimizes all shapes of photographs. Natural Man has been reprinted, and so now ALL of the titles are available as elegant large-format books, with production values seen only in the finest art books:
---11.5" X 11.5" book size
---hardcover, clothbound
---heavy (100 weight) Centura paper
---Limited edition size (for most titles, 1,000 copies)
---"French Fold" dust jacket (heavy paper, mylar-coated, edges folded over to prevent tearing.
---Preface, explaining techniques and objectives
---Log of photographs at end of book, giving name of model, place, and date of photograph.
---Copies individually hand-numbered
---Autographed on request

Reprinted 2004 
124 b/w photographs 


This pioneering book composed of photographs taken over a period of ten years shows the male body in great landscapes of the American Southwest. The photographs have been designed so as to integrate the landscape with the model, by using resonance in similar forms, compositions that skillfully site the model and combine him with landscape forms, and subtleties of tone using natural outdoor illumination only. This book launches a synthesis between photograph of the male form and the kind of landscape photography that has recently been called "post-Westonesque."

"Possibly the most beautiful book of male nude photographs.."
New York Native

"In these photographs, the models are posed and the shots set up so that the bodies are a part of nature, nature a part of the bodies. Virtually without exception, the works are exquisite. You don't look at them, you study them. You interact with them."
Robert Bahr
Celebrate the Self Magazine

213 b/w photographs  
(Dust jacket in color, but  
photographs in the book are  
all black-and-white.) 


This book extends the landscapes used as backgrounds. Lava flows on the island of Hawaii, a beach in South Carolina, the unusual wind-sculptured sandstones of the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico, and the unusual tafoni rocks of Bean Hollow Beach in northern California are among the localities in which the models are photographed. As with the other books, no man-made objects are shown, underlining the emphasis on viewing models in a timeless context instead of relying on styles that emphasize particular decades or particular preoccupations about human activity.

"Carlquist is a master of composition. The juxtaposition of strong men and well-chosen settings makes this a most visually striking collection."
Alastair Williamson
Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review

211 b/w photographs  


Each photograph imaginatively matches a model with a particular landscape space in order to lend a distinctive atmosphere to the photographic enterprise. Techniques range from representing the figure as a small element in a vast landscape to foregrounding the model's body as the dominant element in what remains a landscape photograph. Aging wood, water, rock textures, and washes of leaf shadows on the bodies of the model are combined to explore the outdoors in a satisfying way.

"His most stunning book. I was at once mesmerized by the beauty of the wonderful mix of models but also the sensualness of sand, rock, and vegetation."
Ro Kelson
Baltimore Gay Paper

MAN/NATURE (2002)  
212 b/w photographs  

The striking landscapes of Bryce Canyon, Zion, the Escalante Staircase and other places in southern Utah add intense feeling to the photos in this book, in which desert sandstones from California also play a conspicuous role. A concern for the beauty of natural rock, weathered wood, and diverse leaf surfaces is combined with innovation in viewing the surfaces of the male body. As with all of the other books, only intact males are photographed, thus emphasizing the natural history approach.

"The photography is technically skillful. If you
can't get enough of classy pictures of muscular or at least comely men, this book might be just the ticket."

201 b/w photographs 


This book includes some photos of pairs of men, using their duality not to imply any particular kind of interaction, but to explore new compositional possibilities in naturalistic ways, emphasizing enjoyment of the outdoors. Dramatic landscapes in the vicinities of Arches and Canyonlands, Utah, show the dramatic role that rock can play in photography. Desolate sand dune textures from California emphasize the power of quiet warmly-lit space. Surf and pine forests play key roles in this book, which explores serene-and a few gently whimsical-ways of showing that the male body is just as worthy of photographic representation as other natural forms.

"He reinvents the art of photographing the nude outdoors, using great landscapes and wonderful men to suddenly make this genre as exciting as the outdoors itself."
Jack Quentin
Western Photographer Outdoors.

201 color photographs 


A retrospective collection of photographs from 1986 to 2006, this book consists of photographs never reproduced previously . The photographs were taken in many of the same venues as the black-and-white photographs in the books listed above, but none are identical to them (the black-and-white photographs in the preceding books were exposed on black-and-white films and are not conversions from color). Some photographs for Men In Nature were taken on sessions in which only color film was used. The red-orange colors of sandstones in Utah, the shiny blackness of a Hawaiian lava flow, the sheen of sand dunes, the liveliness of a waterfall in Yosemite-these and other scenes spring to life as the backdrops for intact male bodies representing a rich diversity of types and moods.

"An amazing bargain, certain to have wide appeal."
Kent Fordyce
Lambda Rising

213 photographs 


NATURAL OBJECTS contains photographs that range from gently sensual to essentially abstract. Combination of natural forms with the male form is the central theme, as in the previous books in the Natural Man series. The photos include male forms in broad outdoor landscape visions as well as in detailed close-ups. The focus is on male shapes and textures, a celebration of men's bodies in all of their aspects, rather than a selective presentation of slick, bland images. The viewer is challenged to engage with masculine features in explicit and arresting ways and reinterpret them as portions of the natural world. The combination (mostly with plant portions) is novel, but is always developed with an eye to compositional beauty as well as distinctiveness of theme. Published in an edition of 1,000 copies, this luxurious book has in every respect the highest production values: 213 photographs

202 photographs 


NATURAL MASCULINITIES is the eighth and final book in this series of 11.5" X 11.5" high-quality photo books. It is divided into ten sections. (1) Shadows—photos featuring shadows on the male body. (2) Incongruities--unlikely juxtapositions involving portions of the male body. (3) Condensations—tight arrangements of the body. (4)—Botanicals—distinctive plant parts together with distinctive man parts. (4) Retrospections—photos done before 2010 but not previously published. (6). Masculinities—distinctively male body features. (7) Repositionings---body part arrangements. (8) Twos—portions or panels of two male bodies together. (9). Intimacies—views focusing on less often viewed body parts. (10) Trees—male bodies related to trees. A highly varied collection of photos that range from classical images of the nude male to innovative ways of viewing body portions. 202 photographs.


Each of the above books is priced at $25--all postage, handling, and applicable taxes included--except for Men In Nature, which is $35, including postage, handling, and applicable taxes.  Shipping is by U. S. Postal media mail unless otherwise arrangement. Payment must be in the form of check or postal money order, made payable to Sherwin Carlquist.  Orders should be sent to him at 4539 Via Huerto, Santa Barbara, CA 93110-2323.  Sorry, the small size of this operation would make the cost of accepting credit cards more than the cost of the books themselves. 

OUTSIDERS, by Sherwin Carlquist

A book of gay short stories by Sherwin Carlquist (15 stories, 217 pages, hardbound, limited numbered edition of 1000 copies). See what happens when the gay guys aren't victims, but use their abilities to win out. Some famous but dismal gay stories (Mann's "Death in Venice," Gide's "The Immoralist," etc.) are drastically redone so that the endings are more like real life today. The grim equation between being gay and being unhappy that has been all too common in gay literature is rejected--decisively and humorously. That's where the fun lies in these stories, it isn't a joke book.

Outsiders is available at $14 per copy (hardcover), shipping, handling, and applicable tax included. Send check or money order payable to Sherwin Carlquist) ot Pinecone Press, 4539 Via Huerto, Santa Barbara, CA 93110-2323. Autographed upon request.